5 Incredible Advantages From Using A Manufacturing CRM Software


by Royce Welch

August 16th, 2021


A good manufacturing CRM (customer relationship management) software will provide a centralized database of all customer information, while also facilitating communication with customers and prospects alike. The software should be able to track orders, monitor and segment incoming messaging, and generate reports on metrics that will help the company grow.

There are many benefits to using manufacturing CRM software for your business including; increased productivity, value-added customer service, more accurate reporting data, improved sales performance measurement, and so much more.

If you're interested in learning about the advantages of using manufacturing CRM software then this blog post is perfect for you! We'll go over some of the top reasons why it's beneficial as well as what features come standard with our software solution.

What is a manufacturing CRM and why should I use one?

A manufacturing CRM provides a centralized database of customer information, which will help the company track orders, monitor and segment incoming messages, and generate reports on metrics that will help them grow.

There are a lot of options out there for CRM software's and a quick look around at them will clearly reveal that they're not all created equal. No matter their different bells and whistles or development for one industry or another; there are a few essentials that every good manufacturing CRM must-have. Here's a list of the top 5 things to make sure you're getting when you choose which software to go with:

1. Customer Database

A good manufacturing CRM software will provide a centralized database of all customer information, while also facilitating communication with customers and prospects alike. The software should be able to track orders, monitor and segment incoming messaging, and generate reports on metrics that will help the company grow.

CRM software is most valuable when you're able to access all relevant contact information from one place. Drawings, pictures, emails, appointments, and call info can be invaluable during a sales call or later on as a reference. If your team is storing information across a variety of disparate tools and platforms, you're just not getting the complete picture.

Every machine shop is unique and what's important information for one is useless digital-clutter for another. Make sure that your CRM software choice will allow for tracking the data that's most important to you with Custom Fields and Custom Values.

2. Communication Tools

Software needs to include powerful tools for managing customer relationships - both interactive and automated - such as marketing campaigns or email marketing. A central place for all prospect, customer, and supplier communications is an essential tool to ensure you're engaging with your customers when and where they need it most.

Business is being done in many different channels these days and keeping track of them all is nearly impossible! Opportunites slip through the digital cracks in the inboxes of social media profiles and email clients all the time.

Bringing all lines of communication into the same, central inbox can save your business hours of time AND better yet, ensure that opportunities are being chased down no matter where they've come in from.

3. Automation Tools

The manufacturing industry is data-intensive; so it's important that any CRM software you choose make automation easy with automatic campaign building, lead scoring, predictive analytics, and much more.

Not only will effective automation save you time, but it will also ensure that no leads are left behind or forgotten about which will help you increase REVENUE!

A good manufacturing CRM software will allow you to automate things like:

  • Welcome emails
  • Lead nurturing & scoring
  • Re-engagement
  • Review & testimonial requests
  • Customer service
  • Personalization
  • Behavioral segmentation

4. Reporting Tools

Think about how you currently make marketing decisions in your business and how that would change if you had accurate information on where all of your past customers had actually come from. What if instead of guessing you were able to see exactly where your leads are coming from and what information they were interested in most?

With good manufacturing CRM software, you can create reports and view important metrics about your current customer base as well as your pipeline of leads and use the data to create a complete picture of what's actually happening in your business... real-time.

5. Flexibility and Customization

One of the most important features of a good manufacturing CRM is its ability to change according to what the company needs it for at any given point in time. There are many CRM software's out there that only focus on sales; some that can do sales but not service; and even some that you can't even see your leads - this lack of flexibility makes these types of CRMs completely ineffective for today's modern businesses.

Further, every manufacturing business is unique and different from the next, and what's important for one can be completely useless to another. Finding a manufacturing CRM software that allows you to customize it to suit your specific business will allow you to maximize the benefit and ROI you're able to attain with it.

Flexibility and customization options will also ensure you're able to grow your business along with your manufacturing CRM software and make the changes needed as you do without having to start over once you've outgrown a CRM with limitations.

LeadBeacon - The Best Manufacturing CRM Software Solution

Hi! My name is Royce Welch, and I created LeadBeacon specifically to help Machine Shop owners with the powerful marketing and sales tools that have already been widely adopted in other industries. Having actually been an owner of a Machine Shop myself for nearly a decade, paired with my hands-on online marketing experience over the last 5 years, the gap in the market was too much to ignore. I could easily see how a tool that was built specifically to address a Machine Shop owner's unique situation would be a powerful asset that could help so many shops.

The manufacturing industry is rapidly changing. The old methods and tools are becoming obsolete, but businesses must be able to adapt or they will fail. A manufacturing CRM software can help you stay on top of trends such as customer needs in the field and provide a clear overview of your contact list so that you never miss an opportunity again!

The number one way that LeadBeacon stands out from every other manufacturing CRM software on the market today is that it has been engineered with purpose with the only all-in-one platform tool with a built-in lead generation system that continues to improve as your business grows, building authority, and growing sales.

LeadBeacon has been built not only for customer relationship management but also to aid with lead, prospect, opportunity, supplier, and partner relationship management as well.

LeadBeacon Helps Your Customers Find & Engage With Your Business Online.

DOMINATE Local Search

When it comes to manufacturing CRM software, LeadBeacon stands out from the competition. The platform is machined specifically to rank your business and its services to get noticed in local search results organically. Hint: this means no more expensive pay-for-placement advertising strategies to bury your competition!

LeadBeacon will optimize your business's online presence to showcase its core strengths and assets so that those that need your services, easily discover your business through Local, Maps, and Desktop Search queries.

Local SEO Features:

  • Keyword Strategy
  • SEO Optimized Leads-Lab Websites
  • Service Pages
  • Location Pages
  • Interlinking
  • Keyword Rich Content
  • Map Embed
  • 300 Geo-Embedded Local Business Citations
  • GMB PowerSuite Tools:
  • Metadata Enriched Photo Tool
  • GMB Post Scheduler
  • GMB Q&A Tool
  • GMB Ranking & Keyword Tools

CAPTURE & Nurture New Leads

The best-looking website in the world is useless if it's not showing up when people are searching for solutions that your business provides.

And if Your site doesn't effectively capture those that do end up finding it as leads... you are letting valuable, in-market opportunities slip right through the digital cracks.

With near limitless integration possibilities, LeadBeacon fills your sales Pipeline through:

  • Forms & Surveys
  • Email
  • Calls
  • SMS
  • WebChat
  • GMB
  • QR Codes
  • Social Media Accounts
  • Paid Ads
  • and more...

All flowing directly into a central inbox that's tied to a customizable database with easy-to-access contact information that gives you a 360-degree view.

LeadBeacon enables you to react quickly, with relevant data, when and where your customers are no matter what stage they're in along their buyer's journey with your business.

This way, you'll never miss out on an opportunity again because someone came by while you were working on another task. Your CRM software can track orders for you and monitor and segment incoming messages and guide leads down the appropriate workflow into personalized omnichannel drip campaigns to turn your leads from cold to hot and increase conversions.

You can view data in real-time and select date ranges to create useful reports with detail-rich information that will allow your company to make informed decisions and grow your business!

AUTOMATE & Segment Pipelines

By now, looking at ways to automate, segment, and streamline the workflows and processes on your shop floor is likely something you're used to. The capabilities of our LeadBeacon manufacturing CRM software with regards to automation are quite literally endless.

Segmenting leads and customers into the right buckets automatically allows you to further personalize your campaigns and increase your conversions.

Standard automation like, automatically emailing an ebook or sending standard product/service information to a prospect who's opted-in on a form are great and will save your business a lot of time, but that's only scratching the surface for what's actually possible.

With our powerful visual workflow builder and the ability to create 'triggers' from any number of different events, LeadBeacon makes it possible to automate nearly any repetitive task. Standardizing your business processes creating a consistent customer experience and saving you time and money. Create triggers from things like:

  • Email events
  • Call events
  • SMS and messenger events
  • Trigger links (fire when a contact clicks on a specific link)
  • Appointment and calendar events
  • Contact tag added/removed
  • Webhooks (limitless possibilities!)

Of course, the goal is not to create a cold, robotic interface for your business, but rather cut out repetitive tasks, eliminate employee errors, improve your customer's experience, improve your responsiveness and timing to help your business grow.

MONITOR & Use Data Get Perspective

When it comes to the metrics that matter, LeadBeacon puts you in the driver seat with the winning route pre-programmed into your GPS. Get the full picture of what your business pipeline looks like with the detail and data that matters most to your bottom line.

With first and latest attribution and customizable fields and values, the perspective you'll gain will give you the complete picture and allow you to make informed decisions that help you grow your sales.

GROW Your Business

Manufacturing CRM software is here to stay, and even for those companies that choose not to adopt it in the future, they will fall behind in the industry. When a business is able to easily adapt its CRM to suit its evolving needs and keep up with current trends, it can only benefit. Create a profile on LeadBeacon to get started today!

The benefits of using a CRM for your manufacturing business are many, and the LeadBeacon software is designed to be able to grow with you. With powerful automation capabilities, segmentation tools that allow you to qualify leads faster than ever before, data insights that help drive intelligent decisions about what's best for your company pipeline on any given day- we're sure there will be at least one thing in this blog post that has helped or sparked an idea for how our CRM software can work well with your needs.

About Lead Beacon

If you want to improve your B2B marketing strategies through digital means and are looking for advanced software to help you, Lead Beacon is your one-stop destination. We design unique marketing and sales systems for manufacturing businesses based on industry-specific requirements.

Our platform helps you create awareness, build trust, generate high-quality leads, and find prospective buyers. You can get a custom demo today by clicking here.








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