How to Get More High-Quality Sales Opportunities for Your Industrial B2B Business in the Post-Pandemic World


by Royce Welch

May 24th, 2021


Even if you’re generating tons of leads, most of them will convert into customers. Lead generation requires a holistic and data-driven approach to find and connect with the right potential buyers.

An effective lead generation strategy should focus on maximizing high-quality leads and filter out less relevant data. Here are eight ways to achieve high-quality sales opportunities for your machine shop in the post-pandemic world:

1. Optimize your Google My Business Listing

It doesn't matter what it is, B2B, B2C... Service, Retail, or Manufacturing; every type of buying decision today involves an internet search. If you're not showing up online when people are actively searching for your services and products, you're missing out on a massive source of free, in-market traffic.

Google loves Google, and since they're giving away the exposure from the listing, it's not surprising that they weigh signals from GMB the highest. According to a Moz study on search ranking factors, signals from businesses Google My Business listing account for 25% of the ranking factors they look at!

2. Create a buyer's avatar

Create one or more buyer avatars, so you know exactly who is your target audience and which platform offers the greatest success in targeting them. A buyer avatar is an in-depth profile of a fictional customer that will benefit from your service or product. It illustrates the details of their challenges, demographic information, and habits so that you can create relevant content.

3. Optimize social media profiles

Social media profiles like LinkedIn and Instagram are great ways to bring in more leads from your potential customers. LinkedIn is the most beneficial social media platform to present your company to potential customers with a descriptive summary and attractive headline.

Ensure that your LinkedIn profile has a professional-looking profile photo, information about the company you are currently associated with, and hashtags that are relevant to your target audience.

4. Work on Search Engine Optimization

63% of shopping decisions originate online. Customers prefer to look online before making a purchase, so you need to make sure that your pages appear prominently in the search results. A study shows that SEO leads’ closing rate is 14.6%, whereas it is only 1.7% from outbound leads. You can create a list of keywords and continuously refine them with a mix of short and long-tail keywords to generate better leads.

5. Prioritize visual content

Content with attractive visuals has 94% more views. Use powerful infographics or illustrations in your content to make sure that it’s engaging for your audience.

6. Ask customers for referrals

Ask your previous customers for referrals as they are a valuable marketing tool. Ping your customers through a phone or email, thank them for the business, ask for feedback on how the company can improve its products, and gently inquire if any of their contacts might find your product useful. You can also send a freebie or discount coupon to thank them for the referral.

7. Actively engage at networking events

When possible, attend events in your industry, both in-person and online, as they're a great way to grow your reach and improve your business. Attend them with a ready-to-help philosophy rather than just to market your company. These events are about mingling, learning about current and upcoming trends, and most of all, having fun.

Make an offer to connect with them through LinkedIn. If you are talking to a potential connection in person, respectfully hand them your phone, and ask them to find themselves on social media to send a connection request.

8. Offer free consultation calls

You can advertise 15-minute free consultation calls on your blog or social media. Make sure that you have a meeting scheduler on your website to make these interactions more efficient and seamless.

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