Google Maps & Mobile Search: A 'Digital-Land-Rush' In Waiting For Manufacturing-Based Businesses


by Royce Welch

November 28th, 2021


With Google's recent changes to their Business Listings service, 'Google My Business', including a name re-brand to 'Google Business Profile'; it's clear that Google is working hard to make it easy to get your business information and details into and/or updated in their system so that their algorithm can serve its users with an ever-growing database of the most accurate, relevant search results possible and keep them coming back to find what it is they’re searching for.

When you pair that up with the fact that Google is already dominating with close to 90% of all online search queries; it's not hard to start to see the benefits of showing up and standing out on the search results page (SERP)!

Organic and Local Search

Traditional organic search refers to the search results from website crawlers like Google for desktop search queries. Local Search refers to search queries initiated on mobile devices and on domains and the ranking order in which Google Business Profiles are displayed in the search results.

If you stop and think about your own habits when it comes to researching buying decisions big and small, it’s very likely you’re using the internet somewhere in there.

More and more, we are turning to the supercomputers (AKA mobile "phones") that we're all carrying around in our pockets to help find solutions and answers to our questions and problems. The data supports this showing that over the last year mobile accounted for nearly 55% of the market, which is exactly why Local SEO matters for every business, and not just B2C services.

There's much to be learned through studying the search results. Google puts it all on display and with a few SEO tools to help see the differences between websites and Google Business Profiles; like site content, reviews, media, social signals, citations, and much more, as to how that all relates to whom Google thinks is most relevant for the keyword and proximity.

Mobile, & Maps - Visibility is Valuable!

Local search and Google Business Profiles are fast becoming the most important online asset that any local business has available to them, as optimized profiles in Google's eyes are the ones that are put in front of active buyers that are actually s-e-a-r-c-h-i-n-g... for solutions that your business provides.

It doesn't matter what it is, B2B, B2C... Service, Retail, or Manufacturing; every type of buying decision today involves an internet search, and showing up in front of prospective customers (or stakeholders) when they're actively searching for help is POWERFUL.

Evidenced by the 'Cost Per Click' that shows the cost per click for the keyword 'cnc machining near me' is nearly $150 per click in Dallas, TX.!

Per click, means just that; a click on the ad... nothing more. The click could turn into a call, email, or form submit, but that's certainly not guaranteed and has everything to do with what they find on the other side of the click.

This means that companies are actively paying Google (a lot!) to show their ads to people searching for 'cnc machining near me' in hopes that whoever is searching sees and clicks their ad.

The keyword 'cnc machining near me' is high with both location and buyer intent, so it makes sense that it's valuable.

Especially when you start to account for the potential Lifetime Value of a typical CNC Machining customer, which is why it's not surprising that the competition for those clicks, drive up the cost of it for Google PPC Ads.

Organic Desktop Search

Looking at the results on traditional organic search you can see that there are non-local businesses competing against local businesses in the results.

Since organic SERP relies on website data it's possible to use website SEO to rank pages in different locations which can dilute the results for a query clearly looking for local results with the 'near me' modifier included.

Google Maps & Mobile - Search

With Maps & Mobile though, the search results are specifically looking for local signals to help sort out the most relevant result. Proximity signals are a lot harder to fake which helps Google to find the most relevant results that are nearest to the actual location of the search.

The truth about local search ranking though is that a single location doesn't quite give you the full picture. Local rankings are complex and many factors influence where your business shows up for a potential customer searching online.

To illustrate this we can use two different Local SEO tools that give us different perspectives...

Single Location Local SERP

The first one shows us what the ranking looks like for the keyword at a specific location on Google Maps right next to the circled number 4 result:

GeoGrid Local SERP:

The next tool reveals a whole new perspective, showing what the ranking looks like across a 9 x 9 grid of 81 coordinates surrounding the same business giving a much more accurate view of how the business is showing up in its own backyard.

Revisiting the top results from the Organic Website SERP

A local perspective exposes the opportunity:

Why Local Search Matters For Your Manufacturing Business

While solidly ranked at the top of the results on traditional desktop organic search, the same is not true for Maps & Mobile where they're showing only in the near vicinity to their actual location.

Businesses in the B2C services space have been realizing the benefits of Local Search for years already, industrial manufacturing businesses have, for the most part, completely overlooked.

So, since Local SEO is still largely ignored by the majority of businesses in the manufacturing sector, those businesses that do take action on Maps & Mobile are getting themselves ahead of their competition and being rewarded with much greater visibility and exposure.

There are Three Key For Local Search Success:


How well does a Business Profile match the query?


Where is the Business Profile in relation to the location of the query?


How well known and respected is the Business Profile?

Find Out How You Can Use All 3 To Get More RFQ's

Get your custom GeoGrid report and Download our Free Guide

Local Search and Google Business Profiles are fast becoming the most important online asset that any local business has.

Optimized profiles in Google's eyes are the ones that are put in front of active buyers that are actually searching for solutions that your business provides.

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