Google My Business? Nah. Google Business Profile? Awww Yeah!


by Royce Welch

November8th, 2021


Last week Google announced major changes to how business owners can interact with their business information on their Google Business Profile directly from Google Maps and Google Search search results. Among 'announcements' of things like the Messaging and Call History features that have actually been around for a while now in the google my business app, the announcement that a business owner can now edit their google business profile directly from Google Search and Google Maps is a strong signal that Google wants to make it easier and improve the overall business web experience for local businesses.

What is a Google Business Profile anyway?

Google Business Profiles are a way for businesses to improve their search engine rankings and get rewarded.

The innovative idea behind Google My Business listings has been around since before the original name of "Google Places," but there's no need to worry because these new profiles work in the exact same way as previous versions did: To continuously provide better service by incentive-driven rewards that keep crawlers coming back again and again with higher quality results based off user queries while retaining more attention from potential customers online who will eventually convert into paying clients!

Digging in a little deeper, it's clear that Google is working hard to make it even easier for small business owners and professionals alike. They're improving your profile page by essentially removing the backend, so you can manage all of its information from one easy-to-find place - Google search or maps!

Once verified, a business owner can access and edit their business's information directly from the Maps and the Search interface. Essentially, completely removing the need to log in to their 'backend' GMB app and web interface to make changes to their profiles and access powerful tools to help get their business seen by potential customers.

What About my Google My Business Listing?

Is all of that Google My Business listing optimization for naught?

Savvy business owners, who have been enjoying the local SEO benefits gained by having their google business profile show up in the google search results thanks to their optimized GMB's needn't worry!

If anything, it keeps them ahead of the pack and sets them up to be even better than they were before for all of the Google My Business features and tools: post jobs, schedule posts, responds to reviews, upload business photos, and more are all still there, they're just easier to access so that local businesses can easily add more information to their Google business profile from directly on Search and Maps using a simple form, removing the need to login to a separate Google app.

So if you've been benefiting already from work you've done to optimize your existing Google my business profile; making sure your business name, address, and phone number are accurate and consistent, your service area is accurate, and the link to your business website is correct, then you're in great shape already.

Keep up the good work, add photos of your business, update your products and services, and keep an eye out for new features that your business profile could benefit from, and try and grab a coveted knowledge panel for your account with your main keywords.

The Path to Your Business's Front Door Begins at The Google Search Bar

Whether desktop or mobile, local search queries help lead active buyers to businesses that provide the solutions that they're seeking.

Google's move essentially removes resistance and makes it that much easier and intuitive for business owners to access powerful tools and options that put them in control of their online presence and increase their visibility.

By updating things like your business description with keyword-rich, useful details, adding photos, and ensuring business hours are accurate, you're staying relevant and engaged, sending powerful, positive signals to Google.

and adding product and service descriptions to arguably, their most important online business asset, their Google Business Profile, directly from the place they want to end up on their future customer's devices... Google Search and Google Maps Search results.

What will happen to the Google My Business Web Experience and the Google My Business mobile apps?

It appears that the new Google Business Profile interface that makes it so much easier for businesses to access their profiles directly, create content and make changes to their business profile information, not only adds new features but retains all of the powerful tools that have been available in the backend access of the GMB web experience and GMB mobile apps. Nothing lost and a lot gained with ease of use increasing exponentially making it simple to see and edit their information where it actually matters most, the google search and maps interfaces.

Businesses with multiple locations and potentially those businesses that help other businesses manage their google business profiles will see a transition from the Google my business interface towards the announced Business Profile Manager where, presumably, it will be easier for businesses who claim, verify and manage multiple locations and businesses.

Your Google Business Profile is Fast Becoming Your Most Important Online Asset

Taking the resistance reduction theme a little bit further, it's pretty easy to see why showing up in search and maps with your Google Business Profile is so powerful. It puts your business name, address, and phone number right there in front of users to click-to-call, or start a Messenger conversation with your business directly and connect it with in-market buyers right from the search results, when and where they are!

Optimizing your business online so that your website and your Google Business Profile are detailed, informative, and that they mirror each other gives you a super solid foundation for your business's online presence and sets you up well to get seen on Google search and Google maps.

Small businesses and larger businesses alike should make it a marketing priority to manage and monitor their Google Business Profile, verify its accuracy and add more details where appropriate. Companies who stay active with consistent posting, messaging with prospects, manage their media, adding photos and videos can expect to sell more through their increased visibility on Google search and maps as a result.

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